It has come to my attention that there remains some confusion about scoring of our events. I will try to clear up any misunderstandings on this page.

Each event is really made up of two separate contests.

  1. The contest for prize money Top20. All teams that enter an event are entered into this contest.
  2. The contest for prizes Top50. Only "Point Teams" are entered into this contest.  

The results can be different for these contests because some teams may not be entered into the points race. They may do this because they do not want to lose points accumulated in previous or future contests. Maybe they are fishing with the member of another team for this event, so they form a new "No Points" team without jeopardizing their main team's points. Anyway this accounts for a difference in the results of the "money" winners list and the published team Points list. See example below:

Money List

Team Place Points Team?
801 1st Yes
814 2nd No
833 3rd Yes
811 4th Yes
etc etc etc

Points List

Team Place Points Team?
801 1st Yes
833 2nd Yes
811 3rd Yes
etc etc etc

Note: Team 814 is not in this list



Teams that are tied for first place in points after the final qualifying tournament will be determined at the K.B.B.C. Championship. The team that finishes the highest in the championship will be named the K.B.B.C. Points Champion. If there are more than two teams tied, the same formula will apply. If there is still a tie at the end of the Classic day, there will be a sudden-victory fish-off. The teams fishing in the fish-off will have a K.B.B.C. observer in their boat. The team that catches the first legal bass will be the K.B.B.C. Champion. The time that the fish was caught will be forwarded to the K.B.B.C. committee by way of cell phone. If there are more than two teams fishing for the championship and a champion is named, the two remaining teams will split the second and third place money. Teams that are tied will start at the same time when the flight goes out in the A.M.