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K.B.B.C. - Harmarville  - July 15th, 2018

Site Specific Rules & Instructions

6 Fish Limit per Team  -  12" inch size limit.

1st Flight:  Start Time- 6:30 am- Check-in 3:00 pm

2nd Flight: Start Time: 7:00 am- Check-in 3:30 pm


Flights will be released / boat numbers will be called from the dock at the  Launch.    When your boat number is called please idle past the dock an proceed at no-wake speed to the buoy at the lower end of the island.  If you intend to fish behind the island in the no-wake area you must go past the no-wake buoy at the lower end of the island and wait until the last boat in the flight has exited the no-wake area before re-entering.  Check-in Will Also be at the Dock - NO CHECK IN BOAT -  Be sure to leave enough time to get to the dock - K.B.B.C. Staff will be at the dock to take your boat number and Chip.  If you come in early you must check in and return your chip to the K.B.B.C. Trailer.

The K.B.B.C. Tournament Committee assumes that all participants have read and fully Understand All K.B.B.C TOURNAMENT RULES & REGULATIONS provided on tournament applications and listed on the K.B.B.C. web site 

No Wake and Lock Area Rule

Do not pass any boat in the “no wake” or lock area. The No Wake Restrictions at the Point in Pittsburgh are in effect.  Please use common sense and courtesy when adhering to this rule.


1.  100 Feet of any public boat launch or dock.

2.  Inside warning buoys at all Dams and Locks.  No Boats - No Baits allowed inside the Buoys.

            See reverse side for Lock - Dam Rules Diagram.


All Fish & Boat Commission, Coast Guard, Army Corp, and Local Park Laws Prevail and Must be adhered to at all times!

Emergency Contacts:

Steve Heck: 724-801-0776   Mike Kopelic: 412-760-6457   Joe Dugas: 412-716-9903



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Lock and Dam Rules