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1. PARTICIPANTS AND ELIGIBILITY: Participation in this tournament is by invitation only. Any candidate for competition who, in the judgment of the Tournament Director, is handicapped in such a manner as to endanger the safety and well-being of his partner or himself shall not be eligible. The Tournament Director reserves the right to discontinue acceptance of applications prior to the deadline and also the right to extend the acceptance date.

2. REGISTRATION: Teams must be registered with the K.B.B.C. A $50.00 fee per team member is payable to K.B.B.C. This includes $30.00 KBBC membership, $10.00 BTC membership and $10.00 Make-A-Wish donation. Registration fees will be accepted and number cards will also be issued at the tournament site. You must have a registration number to be eligible to fish KBBC Tournaments. If you already have a KBBC number, please enter your number on the application in the designated area.

3. CONFORMITY WITH RULES: Each competitor agrees to report to the Tournament Director any violation or infraction of these Tournament Rules. The failure to report violations or suggestions to violate these rules or false verification of weigh-in forms will be cause for disqualification. Each competitor agrees to submit, by his or her signature on the application, to a polygraph test should he/she be accused of any rule violation. The admission and interpretation of the polygraph test shall be solely the responsibility of the Tournament Director and its agents, and shall be used (or not used) at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Without limiting the foregoing, the Tournament Director shall have the sole discretion to select the place, at which such polygraph test shall be administered, the individual who administers such test, and the scope of the questions that may be asked during such test. The participant shall be available, at his expense, at the location selected by the Tournament Director and shall cooperate in all respects with such examination. Any additional polygraph tests that Participant requests to take shall be at Participant's expense.

4. SAFETY: Horsepower must comply with BIA regulations. Boat operators must be sixteen (16) years of age or older. During the Tournament, each competitor is required to wear a Cost Guard approved life preserver. Belt-Type, inflatable PFDs are not acceptable. This preserver must be worn while the combustion engine is operating. The preserver must be strapped, snapped or zippered securely and maintained in this condition until the competitor reaches his fishing location and the combustion engine is shut off. Tournament officials have the right to delay or cancel the start of an official tournament day because of bad weather or other factors that would endanger the safety of the competitors. Tournament waters may also be restricted at any time because of bad weather.

5. SPORTSMANSHIP: Competitors in K.B.B.C. Tournaments are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Use of alcohol or drugs (other than those purchased over the counter or prescribed by a licensed physician) by any other competitor during the tournament will not be tolerated and shall be cause for automatic disqualification for this and all future K.B.B.C. tournaments.

6.  Coast Guard and Fish and Boat Commission Laws prevail.

7. Early Entry Boat Number Draws:
Flights will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis by postmark date. When the flight is filled (50 boats) or within 3 weeks of acceptance of applications (whichever comes first), positions within the flights will be determined by a draw. Subsequent applications will be assigned boat numbers on a first-come first-served basis. Positions may be viewed by checking the KBBC Web Site:

8. The boat owner of each team must have a minimum liability insurance of $100,000.  Random checks may be done to confirm compliance before or after the tournament hours.

9. Any damage occurring to private or public property by a team or member before, during or after the tournament is the responsibility of the team or team member and not the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit.


         Prizes and awards by total weight.

         Contestants must register as a team with one alternate annually. Points are forfeited by the formation of a new team, or if a contestant or alternate has fished with another team. A member may fish alone (no partner).         In that event the creel limit will be 1/2 of a team's limit.

         You must declare upon registration prior to each individual tournament if you are fishing for money only and NOT for points.

         Artificial lures only. No live or preserved bait except pork baits.

         No trolling; only one rod may be used at a time. All fishing from boat only.

         Kill switch mandatory on engines 20 H.P. and up.

         One functional livewell or one cooler with a 12-volt aeration system that maintains a live limit of fish is mandatory.You must use a KBBC supplied weigh-in bag. Fish brought to the scales in a bag other than the                ones  supplied by KBBC, will not be weighed.

         Penalty of ONE (1) pound and loss of fish for short fish. Bringing 2 short fish to the scales will result in disqualification. There will be a penalty of ONE (1) pound per minute late penalty, five (5) minutes late results in disqualification.

         Boat owner will be responsible for his boat's wake.

         Maximum weigh-in time Tournament can be delayed is 4:30 pm for 1st flight, 5:00 pm for 2nd flight, and 5:30 pm for 3rd flight due to inclement weather, fog or any other decision deemed necessary by the Tournament Committee.

         Protests must be filed within 30 minutes of the final flight's Check-in Time. The team being protested shall have 15 minutes after they have been notified of the protest to appeal/rebut the protest with the tournament director. Should for any reason the team being protested is unavailable or has left the tournament site, all decisions by the tournament director regarding the protest are final.

         EIGHT (8) ounces will be deducted from total weight for each dead fish up to 2 fish. ONE (1) pound will be deducted for the third and subsequent dead fish.

         Penalties assessed for late check-in and/or dead lunker will be applied to lunker and also total weight.

         No littering on or off the water.

         50 yard rule will be enforced (anchor down, electric motor up). Power Poles and like devices are considered anchors, if deployed.

         Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will be cause for disqualification.

         No refunds.

         Ties will be broken by the weight of the heaviest fish in the tied team's livewells.

         No fishing is permitted in areas restricted to boat traffic. Use straight line from long wall to short wall, then to first buoy and across to bank. In case of no buoys in dam area, use a straight line from the short wall to bank across the river. "No boats, no baits". See map on web site

         Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass only.

         Qualifying points for the Classic are awarded 50 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 50th place.

         ALL K.B.B.C. Tournaments will count for points to Classic. ALL SHOW POINTS WILL COUNT.
  Show points will be awarded according to the posted Schedule, as well as size and creel limits.

         Must fish at least FOUR (4) of SEVEN (7) tournaments as a team to be able to make it to the Classic by points.

         First place winner at any K.B.B.C. Tournament achieves an automatic berth in the Classic if they have fished at least FOUR (4) tournaments as a team.

         PFDs must be worn at all times on Corps of Engineers lakes in boats less than 16 feet.

         Failure to obtain a boat check will result in disqualification.  All boaters will be responsible for any launch fees.

         Both partners must remain in the boat at all times during the tournament. The only exception is in a matter of safety or health. No fishing is permitted
during the absence of one partner.

         Refueling during a tournament must be done onlt at a commercial gas dock.

         Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any and all applications.

         The Tournament Committee's decision is final.

         All boaters will be responsible for any launch fees.

         All teams should register for the tournament 30 minutes prior to the starting time of the first flight.

         The Gator Grip Golden Rule will be the Official Ruler for all K.B.B.C. Tournaments. No "Courtesy Dinks" will be allowed, however, you may compare your ruler to the Official Ruler.

         At no time should a Team possess (in the livewell, weigh-in bag or any combination of the two) more than a tournament limit of bass. In the event that a team possesses more than a tournament limit, the Tournament Official shall disqualify the Team.

         During the tournament, a competitor may not have the assistance or advice of any non-competitor for the purposes of locating or catching bass.

         During the competition day of the tournament a competitor may not use a CB radio, walkie-talkie, VHF Marine band radio, cellular phone, or any other type of communication device for the purpose of locating or catching bass. Competitors are permitted to transmit by radio or telephone only for navigation information or in the event of an emergency.

         Qualification for the KBBC Classic is determined by these rules.

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