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  1. How do I join KBBC ?
  2. Why didn't I receive my team's membership card ?
  3. Who is eligible to become a KBBC member ?
  4. What's the annual fee ?
  5. Can you explain the rules governing alternates ?
  6. What if neither my partner or alternate is available to fish an event ?
  7. What does it cost to fish in an event ?
  8. Is there some way I can see what my team's boat number is for an event ?
  9. You talked about the Classic. What is the Classic ?
  10. How can I see where my team stands against the other teams ?
  11. Isn't this circuit only for "experts"?
  12. I don't have an application. Where can I get one ?
  13. The Official Rules state "50 yard rule will be enforced". What is the 50 yard rule?
  14. Why doesn't the KBBC schedule change from year-to-year?

How do I join KBBC ?

There are several ways to join the circuit: 1) You can submit an application for one or more tournaments and include your membership fee with your submission. 2) You can mail in your membership fee separately. Remember to include all team member's names and sufficient contact information to add you to the mailing list. You can pick up your membership card at any event or if you wish it to be mailed to you, please include a SASE. 3) You can pay for your annual membership at the tournament registration site, on the morning of the event. Membership fees may be mailed to:

Steve Heck
171 Red Wing Drive
New Alexandria, PA  15670

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Why didn't I receive my team's membership card ?

Anyone who has paid a membership fee is issued a card. It is the responsibility of the team to make sure they receive it.  Any team may pick up their team's card at any event. Just see me and ask for it. I also carry unnumbered cards that can be used to replace a lost card. Typically, I have 30 - 50 cards that have not been picked up at year's end. 

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Who is eligible to become a KBBC member ?

Any person of any age is eligible to become a member. Our rules do require that the operator of the team's boat be at least 16 years of age.  

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What's the annual fee and what does it cover?

The annual fee for a team is $ 100.00. This covers both regular partner members. One alternate may be added at a cost of $ 50.00. This includes the annual membership fee, B.A.S.S. Team Championship membership fee and a Make-A-Wish donation of $10. For Alternate rules see Alternates

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Can you explain the rules governing alternates?

Each team is entitled to name an alternate member in the event that either regular partner cannot attend an event. An alternate can be used more than once, but a team may not name a second alternate. Further the alternate may not be or have been a member of another team in the same year. An alternate may be qualified to fish the KBBC Classic for a qualifying team, only if that alternate has fished with that team during the regular season (no ringers rule).

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What if neither my partner or alternate is available to fish an event ?

You can fish the event alone. You may wish to consider this if you think it will help you to qualify for the KBBC Classic. Rules state that a team member fishing alone may only bring 1/2 of a team limit of fish to the scale. e.g., if the limit is 6 fish a member fishing alone may bring in only 3 fish. You may also elect to fish with a non-member or even with the member of another team subject to: 1) You state to tournament officials that you are fishing for "Money Only" and will not be awarded any points for the event towards your team's total. 2) You pay for a new membership for the newly formed "Money Only" team ($ 20.00). A card with a new number will be issued to this newly formed team.

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Is there some way I can see what my team's boat number is for an event ?

Boat numbers for each event are posted on the web site as they are drawn. Here's how it works:

When the first 50 entries for an event are received, a random draw is done to assign the boat numbers. Each event has its own draw. The first flight, (50 boats), usually fills up long before the event is held, so if being in the first flight is important to you, be sure to send your entries in early (but not too early, see applications). Any applications received prior to an event that have not been drawn (because a flight is not filled), will be randomly drawn the Wednesday prior to the tournament and posted on the web site that evening. Links on the home page will direct you to the boat order page. Since the boat positions are drawn randomly, please don't send a SASE for me to mail back to you. Just check the web site periodically.

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What does it cost to fish in an event ?

The fee for an event is $ 200.00 per boat. This includes a lunker pool entry. The pool money is paid out in cash to the team with the heaviest fish. In the event of a tie, the money will be split.

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You talked about the Classic. What is the Classic ?

The KBBC Classic is the year-end championship event. Teams compete all season to qualify for the Classic, by earning points at the events, or by winning an event. In order for a team to qualify a team must fish at least four of the seven regular season events. After the final regular tournament, the top 40 teams in point totals, (including any teams tied for 40th place), plus any team winning an event in the current season will receive a free berth to the KBBC Classic and the highest ranked Special Team, (Non-Traditional and Adult/Youth). These Teams still must fish at least 4 events. An alternate may be qualified to fish the KBBC Classic for a qualifying team, only if that alternate has fished with that team during the regular season (no ringers rule). Teams build point totals by fishing the events and finishing among the top teams for each event. Team point accumulations include Show Points and Tour Points. Points are awarded as such:

  1. Points are awarded for attending each regular season event .
  2. 2 Show points will be awarded for each event you register. (e.g. If you fish 4 events during the season you will receive a maximum of 40 Show points (2 + 4 + 6 + 8 = 20). If you fish all 7 events you will receive 56 Show points (2 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 10 + 12 + 14 = 56)
  3. Tour Points are awarded in this way. 50 points for winning an event; 49 for 2nd; 48 for 3rd ... down to 1 point for 50th place. 

Point totals are updated immediately following each event and are available at the tournament site. They may also be viewed on this web site (usually the evening of the event). See question below.

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How can I see where my team stands against the other teams ?

Reports are posted on the web site, with links from the home page, usually on the evening of the tournament. These reports include:

  1. Top 50 report - shows the top 50 teams for an event. These teams are all earning points towards the Classic.
  2. Top 20 report - shows the money winners for the event + all teams that weighed in at an event.
  3. Catch statistics - shows a breakdown of what the teams caught at the event plus other interesting statistics.
  4. Point Totals report - shows the Top 100 teams composite point totals.

In addition, links to past events of the current season are also posted.

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Isn't this circuit only for "experts" ?

On the contrary, we have members of all skill levels. In fact, no one team, won more than one event during the regular season in either of the past two years. Part of the appeal of this circuit, is that it allows friends and family members, regardless of their tournament experience, to spend time and fish together as part of a competitive event. Many of our member teams consist of fathers and sons/daughters, brothers, husbands and wives, etc. Invariably, a team's skill level will increase by participating in the circuit. Our members are the circuit and their guidance and continued input has helped shape the organization. To be sure,  KBBC would not exist without their support. 

Also, since a portion of each entry is contributed to the Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Western PA, you can be sure that you're playing a role in helping to grant the wishes of some seriously ill children. We're all very proud of this association

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I don't have an application. Where can I get one ?

You can print out and complete an application that you will find from a link on the home page of this web site.  Don't mail in applications downloaded from the web site  in the spring earlier than the announced earliest post mark date.  Once the date arrives for application acceptance, you can mail them in any time during the current year. Applications received before this date will be returned! Please note that you can use this application to enter a single tournament, multiple events or simply join KBBC. If you wish to enter one or more events,  check the box below the event(s) you're entering, fill in the required information and include your check or money order for the total amount being submitted. Don't forget to indicate if your membership fee is enclosed (if you're not already a member). If you don't already receive applications by e-mail, you can get on the mailing list by enclosing a note asking to be added. You will not automatically be added simply by entering an event, so be sure to let me know if you need to be included.

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What is the "50 Yard Rule"?

The "50 Yard Rule" states that a competitor may not fish within a 50 yard radius of another competitor who:

  1. Has the boat's anchor down in the water
  2. Has the trolling motor up in the stored position

without the express permission of the anchored competitor. The competitor granting permission may not do so to the exclusion of any other competitor. In other words, if the anchored boat gives permission to one competitor, it must also give permission to any and all other competitors that wish to fish within that 50 yard radius.

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Why doesn't the KBBC schedule change from year-to-year?

while we do try to change the schedule when possible, the KBBC schedule is arrived at each year through a delicate balance of many factors. A limiting factor is that the site must have adequate size, facilities and sufficient parking available. This requirement rules out a majority of waters in the area. As far as dates of the events go, we also lose nearly all flexibility for several reasons:

The rivers are out in the spring. They're just too volatile in the last week of March/first week of April (floods, etc.). That leaves a choice of two of the following; Shenango, Raystown and Arthur, that must be held in those early time slots. Raystown generates a lot of interest in the spring because there are 2 or more tournaments there on the same week or adjacent weeks. Competitors have either just fished there or will be fishing there the next day or next week or all of the above. Pymatuning is held in May because it is the only place we can fish during the closed bass season in PA. 

Additionally, we maintain the same dates (same weeks), each year because so many competing organizations exist and it is our wish not to impinge on other scheduled events. This is done in the interest of the fisherman, not the circuit. While it seems, that other organizations exercise no such consideration, and schedule on top of our events, we can only have so much control over these occurrences. We publish our dates far in advance of other organizations and frankly, any scheduling conflicts are due to poor decisions on the part of the other organizations.

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