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Board Guidelines

Please note the following:

Visitors from the Ukraine: Go away!

[*]Anyone can view the message board, but in order to post on the board you must be registered.

[*]Since all registrations require administrator approval, if your sole purpose is to post ads for pharmaceuticals, porn, matchmaking, etc. you will not be granted approval. Applicants using bogus e-mail addresses or IP addresses will be rejected. If somehow you do slip through, you will be immediately and permanently banned, upon the first inappropriate post, so don't waste your time or mine by trying.

Please watch your profanity. There are built-in filters to remove it, but each instance of its use gets recorded. Too many times and your access will be restricted.

Read over your messages before submitting them to make sure they make sense and say what you trying to convey. If, after posting, you discover a mistake in your message, you can correct the mistake and repost by editing your message.

If you have a private message you want to send to another member, you can do so using that option of the board.